nandi international school

  • Nandi Nagar, Belegal Village Post
nandi international school


The doll-house sized chairs and tables beckon the tiny tots to the enter the rooms whose walls are covered with lovely murals and cartoons. Making studying a pleasure in not a favour we do our children. We firmly believe that it the right of every child to enjoy learning. If studying is a pleasure then the school is a playground and children just hate to be away from it.The phonics method is adopted to help the tiny tots learn a new language that is alien to their home environment. By creating an environment where children hear English spoken by everyone around them, they are made to grasp the nuances of the new language naturally. The Play method is adopted to make the children aware of the outside world and the various concepts attached to it wihtout feeling strained. The teachers are ever encouraging and supportive that the children never feel that they are away from home.


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Address:Nandi Nagar, Belegal Village Post,BELLARY, Karnataka
Phone:8392 326777, +91 8392 210333
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